• Mily Ulzzang

    well call me miracles * mily * I was born on June 11, 2000 Zodiac Sign Gemini does not really much weight haha XD but ... I am very friendly and very cheerful very supportive. . . I do not like to fight anyone get angry easily but Mily Ulzzang (discusión) 17:32 3 may 2014 (UTC)when I say "I love you" I say with sincerity and not lying ... I do not like sinseramente tasks ... I'm from peru latina wanna be ulzzang * --- * I love everything about korea is very kawaii and that I like many Korean bands. . . (Teen top ♡, 9nine muses ♡, girls generation ♡, ukiss ♡, BoA♡ , Apink ♡, etc ♡ ) do not like me that are false friends because when I have a friend (a) always give a lot of confidence. . . I like to read, I like horror movies, comedy, dramas…

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